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Hockey Stick and Puck

Synergy Blues Ticket Discount

Enjoy ticket discounts to see homegrown NHL stars

October 27-29,2023 

8U Only

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Fall Classic will not be held in 2023.

December 15-17, 2023


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Welcome to the 2023/24 season.  Please email Steve with any questions  regarding our events.


2022 Champions

Congratulation to the 2022 Holiday Classic Champions!

10U B2: Meramec Sharks-Coach Goebel

10U C2: Waukesha Warhawks-Coach Rzepinski

12U A2: St. Peters Hockey Club-Coach Zucol

12U B1: St. Peters Hockey Club-Coach Potocki

12U B2: Chesterfield Falcons-Coach Wirtel

12U B3: Meramec Sharks-Coach Fedke

12U C1: St. Peters Hockey Club-Coach Saffer

14U A1: St. Peters Hockey Club-Coach Hartmann

14U A3: St. Peters Hockey Club-Coach Bextermueller

14U B1: St. Peters Hockey Club-Coach Angelo

14U B2: St. Peters Hockey Club: Coach Opela


Congratulation to the 2022 Fall Classic Champions!

10U A3: Twin Bridges Lightning-Coach Boxell

10U B2: Southern Il. Icehawks-Coach Walters

10U C: Des Moines Jr Bucs-Coach Alcorn

12U C: Meramec Sharks: Coach Fedke


Congratulations to the 2022 8U Haunted Barn Champions!

Red: Meramec Sharks-Coach Domagalski

White: NW Arkansas Ice Hogs-Coach Germain

Blue: Mid-Mo Tigers-Coach Lamond

We would like to thank all 2022 Heartland of Hockey Tournament Series participating players, coaches, managers and fans. Your spirit, respectfulness, and sportsmanship has made the 2022 Haunted Barn, Fall Classic and Holiday Classic  fun, competitive and memorable.  We hope you have had a great weekend of hockey at your event!

Thank you to our corporate supporters:

St. Louis Blues

Missouri Ice Hockey Officials Association

Lodging Hospitality Management (LHM)

Hollywood Casio Hotel

St. Louis Digital-Paul Bryant
Northwest Design

Crown Trophy-Ballwin

Woltman Trophies and Awards

And a special thank you to our host rinks and their staff:

Ice Zone

Centene Community Ice Center


Synergy Tournaments, Centene Community Ice Center and iceZone are pleased to announce the Heartland Tournament Series. 

Check back for additional tournaments

Host rinks: Centene Community Ice Center & Ice Zone


4-game guarantee

8U: 6 game guarantee

For more details or if you have any questions please contact Steve at:

8U play 1/2 ice, 25-minute runtime game with live puck

10U and 12U play 12-minute periods.

14U play 14-minute periods. 

16UAA and 18U AA play 16-minute periods.

All skill levels 10U-18U are welcomed. Please contact us for availability in your division

Start your Holidays off and Celebrate Hockey in the Heartland

St. Louis Blues Youth Hockey is proud to present the 2022

Heartland Tournament Series, a celebration of youth hockey in The Heartland. Bring your skates, sticks, and your team to experience the best of the Gateway City this November and December!

What's Next?

Keep up to date with the latest news and events for the Heartland Tournament Series events.

Oct 27-29, 2023

2023 Haunted Barn

Dec 15-17, 2023

2023 Heartland Holiday Classic

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